Toyotas Have The Best Retained Value

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This year, voted Toyota this winner of the Best Retained Value Awards in the non-luxury division with a projected residual value of 52.4 percent after five years.’s Best Retained Value Competition is part of the website’s efforts to highlight vehicle value. These particular awards recognize brands and models that have the highest projected residual wear after five years (assuming approximately fifteen thousand miles are driven each year). Here is a little bit more information on how they determined the used cars

Each brand with both (i) more than 100,000 unit sales in 2014, and (ii) models offered within at least four vehicle-type categories was eligible for this year’s brand-level Best Retained Value® Awards. Each model year 2015 vehicle that both (i) was launched by the end of 2014, and (ii) had unit sales in February 2015 that were at least 25 percent of the average unit sales for the models in its segment was eligible for this year’s model-level Best Retained Value® Awards. Edmunds determined each model’s category for the 2015 awards based on (i) its body type segment; (ii) for certain categories, the size of the model within its body type segment; and (iii) for certain categories, the model’s price and/or its competitive segment.

A reliable assessment of a vehicle’s resale value is a critical piece of information for buyers. For consumers who lease, selecting cars with strong resale value is just as important: Resale value is a key factor in determining the monthly lease payment. Limbaugh Toyota and these award-winning vehicles are waiting for you to come snag one for yourself!